Published: 20 June 2019

Reading time: About 3 minutes

Today marks World Productivity Day 2019 

The day when organisations around the globe call out the difference a focus on productivity can make to their business 

We often discuss how addressing and improving current data management practices can help to reduce risk and cost – but just as important is enhanced user productivity and better working practices.  

You might ask, how? 

In this blog, we look at how solutions such as data cleansing and data migration can result in improved organisational output.  

  • Up to 70% of an organisation’s unstructured data is ROT- that’s information which is redundant, obsolete and/or trivial. High levels of ROT mean that the useful information is lost amongst the non-important content and is difficult to find and surface. Cleansing this to remove the ROT makes the important information easy to locate, reducing the amount of time wasted during searches 
  •  High levels of ROT also mean that users may inadvertently access old and/or non-accurate data, for example, aoutdated product guide or a first draft of an important report. Cleansing this to remove the ROT means that users only access the most up-to-date and, most importantly, the correct information. This results in less chance that the work will ultimately have to be updated or rewritten entirely 
  •  In addition to the two benefits listed above, cleansing of ROT results in increased certainty. By this, we mean improved user confidence that the information is, in fact, correct. That’s less time searching for newer information and/or checking with colleagues that the information is right, and more time focusing on the task in hand.  
  •  With the amount of data increasing daily, over-consumption of storage can result in users storing information inappropriately, for example on their desktop and local devices. This creates information silos and loss of important information-sharing. Of course, this could result in duplication of efforts, when the content has already been created.  
  •  Once your data is cleansed and in orderyou are now in a position to migrate the business-critical information to a platform such as Microsoft Office 365. This means that your organisation can employ a collaboration hub such as Microsoft Teams. At Automated Intelligence, Teams is core to our organisation’s communications and productivity, where all our documents, chats, apps and meetings live side by side.  

Today many organisations are motivated by the requirement to improve organisational productivity 

In short, addressing current data management practices results in benefits such as removal of ROT data, reduction of duplications, increased collaboration, automated governance and increased staff performance.  

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