Published: 29 January 2024

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Yesterday, 28th January marked #DataPrivacyDay. Since 2008, this day has raised awareness about the importance of data privacy and protecting our data online. This year’s theme, similar to Automated Intelligence’s vision, focuses on how you can ‘take control of your data.’  

At Automated Intelligence, data privacy is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’ve implemented robust policies and achieved certifications such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus to keep customer and employee data secure.  

We caught up with Automated Intelligence’s Will Lively from our Security and Infrastructure department to get his take: 

“Online safety is paramount at Automated Intelligence. We constantly train our team on data protection best practices to reduce the risk of breaches. Whether it’s training on phishing scams, reinforcing proper data handling, or using password-protected systems to store passwords, we aim to ingrain security awareness into our culture. 

Additionally, our Datalift solution includes PCI (Payment Card Information) and DSS accreditation to protect our customers’ environment and ensure cardholder data remains secure. We remain compliant and vigilant with compliance regulations such as GDPR and have recently increased our resilience and security as a supplier by participating in The Risk Ledger network.”  

How are you celebrating Data Privacy Day? Share your tips for staying safe online!