Central Government

The volume of data created and stored by Central Government and agencies has risen exponentially over the last two decades and continues to do so. With cost control and compliance high on the agenda for the public sector, reducing costs and risk are mandatory objectives.

Departments and agencies have long-standing practices for the analysis and appraisal of paper records that are of public interest. These processes need modernisation, automation and digitisation to cope with the avalanche of digital-born data that increasingly needs managed.

Datalift is the only true cloud-native hyperscale platform solving these challenges for government departments and agencies, ensuring fast analysis, automated decision and intelligent migration coupled with data integrity.

Central Government

Local and Regional Government

Local and regional government organisations have increasingly gathered vast volumes of data over the years, and it is critical to take control of this data. With increasing privacy regulations, there is an obligation to ensure that citizen data is accounted for and held for the specific purposes it was gathered for.

As local government organisations look to move to the Cloud from legacy systems, they understand the need to improve their data and its processes as part of the transformation.

At Automated Intelligence, our solutions help Local and Regional Government organisations streamline their data, take control of their budgets, reduce operational cost and ensuring compliance measures are in place to protect citizen data.

Local & regional


As regulations and best practices regarding data security and management evolve constantly, Financial Services firms need to be confident that their data is governed, secure and managed from a risk perspective.

Whether complying with financial regulations or privacy regulations, a firms data is its lifeblood and needs to be treated as such. Over 90% of data that is breached includes information that should already have been deleted.

Datalift helps our financial services customers understand their exposure to regulatory requirements while ensuring financial data is securely managed in our PCI DSS-certified cloud-native SaaS platform.



Resource within healthcare is becoming increasingly stretched and trusts recognise that paper-based records are inefficient, inaccessible, difficult to govern, and are holding back transformation when it comes providing a better service for patients and staff.

Health bodies have a wealth of legacy data sources which are no longer fit for purpose, nor able to scale to future ways of working to improve patient outcomes. Organisations need to move data to an integrated platform that allows health professionals across different fields to work on the data in a more collaborative way. This demonstrates that they are managing that information appropriately.

Datalift helps healthcare organisations, transition securely to the cloud, introducing a higher level of data accessibility, integration and visibility. At the same time removing legacy platforms reduces costs and inefficiencies at a critical time.



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