Intelligent Migration

Migration From Legacy to Cloud

Organisations today face business critical decisions with the migration of unstructured data from file shares and legacy EDRM products i.e. Trim, OpenText, Lotus Notes, RKYV, Meridio. Whether a strategic directive for cloud-adoption, a reduction of on-premise infrastructure, or to take advantage of cloud-based collaborative platforms such as Microsoft 365, for many the unstructured data challenge often leads to information paralysis, where organisations simply don’t know where, or how, to start addressing the problem.

All organisations have over-retained records, information without context or accurate metadata, orphaned data with no ownership, duplication, complex linked spreadsheets and end-user-computing applications, password protected or corrupt and inaccessible content. Coupled with this, when data is distributed across multiple repositories without consistent policy application and no visibility of informational security or sensitivity, the problem is growing.

Migration to environments such as Microsoft 365 provides opportunities for improved information governance. However, using a “lift and shift” approach your legacy issues will inevitably increase exposure to risk for your organisation when moved to new security models with powerful search and collaboration features. To move forward you need intelligent migration.


Intelligent Migration

Datalift from Automated Intelligence provides a comprehensive, seamless intelligent migration capability to enable fast and measurable migrations delivered using dynamic query based classifications. The solution enables you to categorise, map and prioritise and exclude data across a range of source systems, preserving content and metadata from on-premise file shares and EDRM solutions to Microsoft 365.

Our unique cloud-staging design lifts data to the cloud in advance of migration events for analysis and to ensure accurate prediction of migration performance based on quantity rather than volume of files for the final cloud-to cloud phase. This alleviates bottlenecks with existing infrastructure limitations and go-live events simply needed to gather newly created or modified content during the final stage delta.

Datalift delivers a full fidelity migration and audited process to enable your organisation to restructure your data, at scale, without impacting business as usual. This removes the friction both during the migration process and adds value to avoid perpetuating hidden issues after the migration project has completed. Whether broken Excel links, collaboration requirements for pre-2007 Office files, corrupt OneNote folders, illegal characters and long-paths – Datalift has your back long after migration completes.



Intelligent migration from Automated Intelligence via Datalift enables a range of intuitive features including:

  • Duplicate Detection: Visibility of exact file content duplication across different information repositories
  • Pattern Detection: Auto-detection and extraction of ‘out of the box’ PII/PCI patterns with custom pattern support
  • Advanced Search: Keyword and phrase search with results highlighting for document review and selection
  • Policy Action: Fully-audited defensible disposition for redundant, obsolete and trivial data at source
  • Security: Visibility of users and groups with data access for information detection
  • Dynamic Categorisation: Rules based classification of metadata and content for records identification, selection & reporting
  • Embedded Objects: Analysis and indexing (i.e. email attachments) for keyword and pattern matching
  • Image to Text: Text extraction and familiar object description to extend search to images and non-OCR files
  • Cloud Processing: Secure cloud architecture for processing, analysis & review to protect existing infrastructure


Automated Intelligence can help you seamlessly migrate to the cloud and transform your business. Our customers are experiencing a range of benefits including:

Reduced migration costs

Cloud approach for minimal infrastructure and resource impact

Security and sensitivity

Early visibility of file level security access and information sensitivity

Improve compliance regulations

Visibility of compliance policy implications prior to migration

Fast and accurate migration plans

Unique cloud staging approach for fast and accurate forecasting

Minimal business impact

Out of hours migration automation for easier transition of people

Early issue identification

Early issue analysis for configuration or pre-migration action


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