What is a Legacy Application?

A Legacy Application is usually an on-premise dedicated Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) system that has been used by a business for potentially decades. Meridio, Opentext, Livelink, RKYV and Documentum are just some of the applications Automated Intelligence has worked on before.

They are usually characterised by their challenges, and expensive nature to support, with lack of resilience, and vulnerable to cyber-attacks as cause for concern. It’s estimated that 60-80% of IT budgets is spent on legacy maintenance and these vulnerabilities are exacerbated as support for legacy applications has ended and the hardware is often outdated.

In the case of Meridio, after June 2015, it was no longer available for purchase and therefore became a legacy content repository. In February 2017, Meridio saw the end of (committed) support, while in February 2019 self-help support also ceased. Our recent Legacy Applications Bitesize Intelligence goes into some more detail on what Legacy Platforms are, their vulnerabilities, the benefits of moving to the Cloud and how Automated Intelligence helps companies on their migration transformation. The other videos can be found here.

How Does Automated Intelligence help companies migrate to the Cloud?

For many companies, their legacy applications are the backbone of their data management, and they will have a lot of processes and integration into other programmes. Our expert team have over two decades worth of experience undertaking migration projects from Meridio to SharePoint Online across both the private and public sector. This includes multiple UK Government departments including The Home Office, PHSO and The Cabinet Office.

We take a step by step approach to the problem and make sure the company has full visibility of the process. We work to understand what data needs extracted and maintained when migrating and this is where our cloud-hosted solution, AI.DATALIFT, can scan file servers and EDRM information, regardless of age and location can be indexed. With AI.DATALIFT for the first time, your teams can locate and retrieve data which is decades old.


Intelligent migration from Automated Intelligence via AI.DATLIFT enables a range of intuitive features including:

  • Cloud migration staging: Staging area with secure cloud enabling fast migration to new platforms while minimising impact to business during migration go-live
  • Duplication Detection: Identification and visibility of exact duplicates across different information repositories
  • Security access discovery: Visibility of the access levels to ensure high-risk and confidential information is protected appropriately
  • Pre migration issue report: Visibility of the common issues encountered as part of migration projects to support pre & post action and product configuration
  • Image to text: Analysing digitalised content containing handwriting and images with cloud-based machine learning models to support full discovery of risk
  • Detected embedded information: i.e. spreadsheets in emails, documents & presentations, ensuring no risk or value is hidden from discovery and search


Automated Intelligence can help you seamlessly migrate to the cloud and transform your business. Our customers are experiencing a range of benefits including:

Reduced migration costs

Cloud approach for minimal infrastructure and resource impact

Security and sensitivity

Early visibility of file level security access and information sensitivity

Improve compliance regulations

Visibility of compliance policy implications prior to migration

Fast and accurate migration plans

Unique cloud staging approach for fast and accurate forecasting

Minimal business impact

Out of hours migration automation for easier transition of people

Early issue identification

Early issue analysis for configuration or pre-migration action


Are you ready for a move from your legacy applications to the Cloud? Download our whitepapers to discover how AI.DATALIFT can enable you to overcome the challenges of legacy applications


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