Discovery, Analysis and Insights

The Challenge of Unstructured Data

The Need for Unstructured Data “Discovery”

It is estimated approx. 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, and is growing by 60% per year. With the digital transformation that has gathered at pace for all organisations, managing the silos of information spreading across the enterprise is more important than ever and paradoxically more challenging without an appropriate technology solution and approach.

Whether to improve management of out-of-control silos today, reporting on sensitivity, security and ownership risk, breach impacts or preparing to archive, migrate and decommission legacy file shares and EDRM platforms, you need to make decisions, fast. The first is to determine the best technology and approach to support a timely and frictionless journey to successfully implement automation within your information governance strategy.

Only by performing discovery and analysis holistically across legacy, hybrid and cloud environments will your organisation be able to ensure measurable and effective decision-making becomes a reality for your future information governance needs. Appraising your current informational value and risk by mapping data to policies, regulations and processes are all primary requirements. Your first step is discovery.

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Discovery from Datalift

With intuitive, real-time dashboards, underpinned by dynamic categorisation engine and fast indexing of metadata and content for all unstructured data repositories, Datalift enables discovery and analysis for the insights needed to support business transformation plans for improved information governance.

Using Datalift, data can be segmented using micro or macro level rules using simple refiners, or with advanced queries against a combination of metadata and content. Datalift provides a powerful index so you can instantly find and categorise data based on age, security access, duplication, file types, location, containing sensitive information i.e. personally identifiable information (PII) and payment holder information (PCI). Using any combination of keyword phrases and patterns relevant to your business you can now align data to existing regulatory mappings, retention schedules or processing activities for the first time.

For the first time, Datalift will provide the visualisation needed to help understand your data and subsequently discover potential cost savings and analyse your risk exposure.


Discovery, analysis and insights from Automated Intelligence provides an interactive dashboard enabling the following features:

  • Duplicate Detection: Visibility of exact file content duplication across different information repositories
  • Pattern Detection: Auto-detection and extraction of ‘out of the box’ PII/PCI patterns with custom pattern support
  • Advanced Search: Keyword and phrase search with results highlighting for document review and selection
  • Policy Action: Fully-audited defensible disposition for redundant, obsolete and trivial data at source
  • Security: Visibility of users and groups with data access for information detection
  • Dynamic Categorisation: Rules based classification of metadata and content for records identification, selection & reporting
  • Embedded Objects: Analysis and indexing (i.e. email attachments) for keyword and pattern matching
  • Image to Text: Text extraction and familiar object description to extend search to images and non-OCR files
  • Cloud Processing: Secure cloud architecture for processing, analysis & review to protect existing infrastructure


Providing invaluable insights into your unstructured information. Our customers are experiencing a wealth of benefits including:

Enable effective decision making

Gain informed insights and full visibility of your data estate to enable appropriate technology and investment decisions to support ongoing data governance demands.

Improve compliance and reduce risk

Better manage and map unstructured data against multiple regulations, reduce impact of audit demands and improve response and impact minimisation for data breaches.

Increase productivity and business efficiency

Benefit from improved data quality and ensure people have appropriate data access and availability to do their jobs while adhering to data governance strategy.


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