Published: 17 November 2016

Reading time: About 2 minutes

In this GDPR blog series, we’ve looked at what GDPR means, why the law is changing, and how it could affect UK organisations.

It may be a year and a half before the law changes, but are we ready for it?

  • Many organisations appear to have not considered the implications for their business and the changes that they will need to have in place.
  • Research from Trendmicro  reveals that 20% of IT decision makers in the UK are still unaware of its existence.
  • Additionally, 29% of those surveyed didn’t think it would apply to their organisation or were unsure. That’s a significant number of organisations who do not realise the impact this will have.
  • So, are we off the hook with Brexit? Well, despite the UK potentially no longer being part of the EU in the future, the likelihood is that if the UK wishes to continue business trading within the EU, it will almost certainly have to update its current Data Protection Act to adhere with the new EU laws.
  • The changes to data protection laws will affect every organisation that is collecting, storing and using (in any way) personal information about living, identifiable individuals

This might be about employees, the general public, customers, clients, stakeholders and business partners. That’s a lot of people…and failure to comply is not an option.