Published: 7 May 2020

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At Automated Intelligence (AI), we support organisations faced with the task of facilitating remote working for their staff.

Employees can only complete their work effectively when they have access to the right information. However, not every organisation has the necessary cloud infrastructure in place to enable secure remote access to this information. As such, this presents significant issues for an organisation’s long-term business operations and creates a vacuum between an organisation’s people and its data.

The challenges of using VPN to access data

Those organisations which have not embarked on a digital transformation journey have traditionally depended on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to facilitate small-scale remote working requirements. Due to the unprecedented shift towards remote working across every industry, VPNs are now unwittingly overwhelmed. VPN over-capacity means organisations cannot appropriately accommodate remote working for all employees equally, leading to increased licensing costs.

This leads employees to access work-related data through personal cloud drives and forces staff members to communicate with one another through personal email accounts. However, this kind of unsecured access to business-critical information exposes an organisation to significant risk’s associated with organisational security and privacy.

Risks are also created during this time as business-critical information is not managed compliantly. Employees will continue to create new information, which does not fall under an organisation’s data governance policies. This can lead to an organisation in breach of regulatory standards as data is not being appropriately managed.

A cloud-based solution

At Automated Intelligence we enable organisations to cater to the rise in remote working by moving their business-critical data into secure cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

Our cloud-based solution, AI.DATALIFT, also assists with the following areas:

  • Data is moved within an organisation efficiently and in a controlled manner
  • Data is classified and prioritised with a range of source systems
  • Key GDPR and risk analysis is performed to ensure regulatory compliance is not negatively impacted by short-term strategic actions

As part of this employees can benefit from enhanced collaboration with efficient and secure information sharing. Online platforms also eliminate issues regarding capacity as significant volumes of data can be migrated to the cloud. As a Governance, Risk and Compliance platform, AI.DATALIFT also applies relevant compliance policies to an organisation’s entire data estate. This means data remains compliant as it is created by employees working from home.

By choosing to work from the cloud over traditional VPNs, organisations can adopt effective remote working with a ‘business as usual approach’ and maintain governance integrity.

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