Published: 1 October 2018

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If you’re going to put your data in the cloud, you need to put it somewhere safe. Organisations are increasingly turning to Automated Intelligence to help them understand and manage their data securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

From Banks to high street retailers to highly sensitive government departments, we are managing our customers’ data to meet governance, GDPR and regulatory requirements.

When it comes to managing data, the GDPR defines two separate roles: a Data Controller and a Data Processor. A Data Controller is the company who owns, or has gained permission to use, the data. A Data Processor is “any person or company that processes data on behalf of the Data Controller” – ICO. In this context, we are a Data Processor for our customers.

Never has data security had such a high profile than currently, so it’s important they pick a Data Processor that takes its responsibilities seriously.  Our AI.DATALIFT platform has been architected and designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Working extensively with Microsoft has ensured that the security framework and platform configuration are consistent with the industry best practice and adopts the highest standards.

We only provide AI.DATALIFT on the ISO27001-certified Microsoft Azure Cloud as so many of the security controls are designed into its heart and are constantly evolving to ensure your data is always protected.

Alongside that, we undertake regular external and independently verified penetration testing (a rigorous ethical ‘hacking’ and attack simulation exercise) to continually test the boundaries and provide additional assurance for our customers.

An established framework for operating, monitoring and improving our information security management systems, combined with continuous security testing, ensures customer data processed by Automated Intelligence is protected at the highest level.

Speaking about our approach to ensuring data security, Simon Cole, CEO of Automated Intelligence said: “AI.DATALIFT is delivering a secure, fast and efficient platform for some of the most security-conscious organisations in the world. 

“After intensive and rigorous testing, these companies are satisfied that our solution is the safest place to manage their data. Whether the data is held in their tenant, or on ours, they trust us to manage some of the most sensitive data, while delivering against real business challenges like GDPR and other regulatory directives”

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