Published: 24 September 2019

Reading time: About 3 minutes

Next week, Microsoft’s showcase exhibition takes place in London. Future Decoded is a 2-day event packed with keynotes, breakout sessions and networking opportunities,  and companies from across the UK descend on London’s ExCel to see the latest and hottest technology trends. 

This year, there are 5 key themes of Future Decoded and in the run-up to the event, we’ll be exploring what each of these means to us at Automated Intelligence. The first theme is how technology can “Develop Customer Trust” and in this blog, our CEO Simon Cole looks at how our solutions are trusted by our customers and their customers alike…. 

“At AI, our solutions are geared towards helping customers improve how they manage their data, which in turn, helps to them provide a better service to their customers or staff, often both at the same time 

As consumers, we want to know that whatever organisation, business or service we use – whether it’s bank, insurance company or government department – that they are looking after our interests as well as they can.  

And a significant part of that is about the information they have on us. Our personal data, our sensitive data, our financial data, our usage data. We want to know that they are holding the correct information, that it’s accurateand that they are protecting it 

One of the things that our customers really benefit from is our capability to help them take control of their data and ensure it is managed in the most appropriate way. 

Let’s take a bank for example. A bank’s users care about how their information is managed. Is it being stored securely? Handled sensitivelyAnd used appropriately? We make sure that the bank has complete control over that at all times– and can prove it. 

If you think of something like the GDPR and the impact it’s hadif our customers are using Automated Intelligence, that’s a cast-iron guarantee that they are managing data correctly to comply with the regulationThey can identify the risk that their data poses and act quickly to mitigate it. 

The thing our customers care about is their customers, so we’re getting that pass-through of care and trust. 

From our perspective, we equally have developed a significant level of trust with our own customers and that comes from a number of factors. 

We hold data for some of the most well-known and most significant organisationsentire banks, large government departments and some of the UK’s biggest retailers. 

They know we look after their data and that comes from the security accreditations that we have, the rigorous testing we’ve undertaken and the cyber control that we have over all of our platforms. 

Our customers who care about their customers feel confident that we are the people that can they trust. Because security and privacy are at the very core of our technology. 

Check back tomorrow when we’ll be exploring the second key theme of Future Decoded 2019, “Empowering the Digital workplace.