Published: 21 January 2022

Reading time: About 3 minutes

In our latest blog, Kyle Bingham, AI’s Technical Solutions Specialist, discusses how organisations can successfully enhance user adoption when moving to Microsoft SharePoint and how Automated Intelligence can support current challenges organisations face once they have made the move. Furthermore, we look at how our solution – AI.SYNCPOINT enables a seamless integration between Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook.  

There are numerous reasons why organisations make the move to Microsoft SharePoint. These include the need to consolidate content and provide better structure to their data, improve collaboration and knowledge sharing (especially with today’s significant increase in remote working!) and to enforce corporate policies and governance. User adoption is therefore significantly important and should be at the forefront of an organisation’s strategy to ensure that users successfully embrace the platform and take advantage of everything SharePoint has to offer. Otherwise, organisations could fall foul to a lack of oversight and governance, growing data silos and duplication owing to the use of email attachments and locally stored files.  

In our experience performing data analysis for organisations, we see the exponential growth of data that takes place.  Content is increasingly growing at a significant rate and emails can form a large proportion of this, with some organisations holding more than 70% of their data estate in the form of emails. This inevitably leads to lack of oversight, reduced user productivity and increased data risks.  

Making the move to Microsoft SharePoint can be a considerable change, especially for users who have spent years comfortably working in a file share environment or other document management system. In contrast to SharePoint, Outlook is an application that people are familiar with. Its ease of use and online and offline capability enables a simple user experience. 


So, how does AI.SYNCPOINT help enhance user adoption and seamlessly integrate with Outlook?  

AI.SYNCPOINT from Automated Intelligence is a cost effective extension which enables users to find, view and edit files located in their SharePoint libraries from within their familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, even when offline and on the go! Our easy to deploy and easy to use solution quickly gets to work, enabling an enhanced user experience for document management which improves SharePoint user adoption to ensure compliance throughout your organisation. 

Using AI.SYNCPOINT, users can seamlessly drag and drop emails, attachments and locally siloed documents directly into SharePoint via their Outlook desktop client to ensure the content is correctly catalogued in the appropriate SharePoint location where it can be monitored for sensitivities and properly retained, all whilst maintaining any key metadata. Furthermore, eliminating the need to repeatedly duplicate and share attachments reduces the load on email infrastructure, improves document control and helps foster a culture of cloud collaboration. 

To find out more on how AI.SYNCPOINT can benefit your organisation, including its key features, visit our website here or download our guide for further information here You can also view our range of  AI.SYNCPOINT customer references such as Cardiff Council, Translink, BHSCT and NHS Scotland.