Published: 24 January 2020

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Microsoft presents companies with the opportunity to increase productivity and become more efficient through digital solutions. This digital opportunity is outlined in an article for the latest edition of Microsoft’s publication, The RecordOur CEO, Simon Cole, highlights some of the technologies we believe are enabling companies to capture these opportunities as part of the piece. 

Microsoft technology solutions are being used by organisations to drive forward digital transformations, which facilitate a greater level of governance over the data they hold. At Automated Intelligence (AI), we use Microsoft technology to analyse the masses of data held by an organisation.  

Through our innovative data management platform, AI.DATALIFT, we interpret the value of said data and offer organisations a better understanding of potentially concealed risks associated with the likes of PII and PCI. This presents organisations with the opportunity to review their current data before commencing on a digital transformation journey 

As a Microsoft Double Gold partner, we apply our expertise using Microsoft technologies to enrich the workforce of our customers. As Simon explains in The Record, “When you look at the possibilities of platform enhancements like Microsoft Cortex, the ability for Microsoft Office to augment the intelligence of the worker is immense.”  

This augmented intelligence informs day-to-day business operations of our customers. This allows us to use the digital opportunity to help our customers work smarter and more efficiently.   

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