Published: 9 September 2020

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Local Government Authorities have a duty to deliver a variety of initiatives which best serve the people and communities they are responsible for.

The records they hold are a vital asset which supports, not only the daily functions of the authority, but also drives forward their strategic initiatives. This means they are responsible for managing and protecting the records relating to, not just staff, but citizens too.

Effective records management includes the accurate capture, storage, maintenance, retrieval, destruction and preservation of those records in accordance with the authority’s Information Governance Policy, as well as statutory and legislative requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a popular option of an online environment for Local Authorities choosing to embark on a Digital Transformation journey. It offers an effective, structured and secure out-of-the-box document management system.  With careful planning and enhanced functionality, it can become an EDRM solution which offers automated governance and compliance alongside a user experience which guarantees best governance practice.

Enabling SharePoint online as an EDRMS falls under step 2 of our 3 steps to success in Microsoft 365 migration journey; Preparation.

During this step, we ensure that SharePoint Online is configured to the Authority’s chosen information classification scheme and retention schedule. This allows for the automated policy-based actions such as archival, disposal, migration and retention to be automatically applied accordingly. Additionally, we bring together Outlook and SharePoint Online enabling staff to work seamlessly between the two environments with a drag and drop functionality; all whilst maintaining governance and compliance policies.

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