Published: 25 September 2019

Reading time: About 3 minutes

Yesterday we posted the first of our Future Decoded 2019 series- looking at the key themes of this year’s event and exploring what each of these mean to us at Automated Intelligence.

Today, we’re delving into the theme of “Empowering the Digital Workplace” which is all about building a workplace designed for employees and driven by Artificial Intelligence. In this blog, our CEO Simon Cole looks at how AI is set to be a game-changer in helping organisations work smarter.

“All the organisations we work with often have multiple goals, but one of the key objectives is empowering their workforce. This includes ensuring they are using the most current platforms, from a productivity perspective, and for us, that’s always Office 365.

Our customers want to reap the benefits of any new platform, but ultimately, doing it in a way that fits in with their current business model and respects the history that brought them to this point.

Organisations looking at digital transformation need to understand the legacy information they hold, and find the value contained within it to bring it into Office 365.

As our software is built on Microsoft Azure, we are able to use intelligence within the platform to really help gain an understanding of the value of information. That understanding comes from a wide range of capability including machine learning,  a key element of Azure.

There is a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence and the opportunity it will bring. We are right at the infancy of this opportunity and early indications provide a glimpse of the phenomenal insight into the intrinsic value of data that it will bring.

For now, we see machine learning as being key to not just Artificial Intelligence, but a much more practical and helpful Augmented Intelligence where we can guide, educate and inform users in their day-to-day activities.

This empowers the user and the organisation without removing them from the equation; that’s where we see the real sea change and opportunity.

If an employee is working on a project, having the foresight and ability to understand who else in the organisation is also working on something similar, or drafting content on the same topic, and being prompted about that in real-time is going to really help drive efficiency and collaboration to new levels.

We have customers, very large global organisations, that perhaps work on hundreds of opportunities at any one time with a broad range of customers. What they can’t see are the similarities between those projects. Or indeed, they may even be working on the very same customer, just from a different angle.

What AI.DATALIFT provides is the ability to draw those comparisons and draw those links, and then expose to users what is happening within their organisation – even if it is on a different continent or in a different team.

This allows an organisation to experience joint-up connectivity that they are otherwise unable to experience because of very many normal barriers such as geography or accessibility. In other words, we now have an empowered digital workforce.

For us, AI.DATALIFT and broader Artificial Intelligence are going to be a game-changer helping organisations work more efficiently, work smarter and better serve their customers.”