Published: 30 September 2019

Reading time: About 2 minutes

It is the final day of our Future Decoded blog series. All this week we’ve been looking at the key themes of this year’s Future Decoded conference and today we’re discussing the topic of “Bringing your plans to life”. In this blog, our CEO Simon Cole looks at how our technology develops business growth, delivered by the Cloud.

“Any organisation that exists today and looks forward typically understands that they have a blocker or a challenge- something that stands in the way of their ability to realise their vision.

And for every organisation we speak to usually that’s the concept of legacy. Most of these organisations have existed for some time and they have been steeped in information for many years.

The biggest blocker they have to moving forward is not knowing what to do with all this data.

They know it’s costing them money, that it contains risk, that it’s not been managed effectively, that it’s stopping them from breaking through the silos and that it’s impeding communication across the organisation. GDPR is a whole additional burden on top of all of this.

Our ethos is that we empower organisations to take control of their data so they can take control of their future.

That future plan – and bringing those plans to life – is where this all comes together. For all of our customers, their future plans include a cloud transition or expansion.

We give insight into not only what documents exist in their platforms, but how they collaborate with people, how teams work, and how information flows.

We are automating and simplifying the process of taking them on that cloud journey, so they can put a definitive plan and roadmap in place, guaranteeing the successful delivery of their vision.

The result? A sense of control, management and open communication, with a significant risk reduction as part of that.

As thousands of people come together over the next two days for Future Decoded looking for the newest, coolest technology, we believe all organisations need to do is, “take control of their data so they can take control of their future.”.

And this is why we exist.