Published: 10 January 2020

Reading time: About 2 minutes

The challenges surrounding unstructured data remain a key focal point for organisations in 2020, particularly those working within financial services. Whilst information governance and compliance is critical for any business, it is especially significant for banks and insurance companies, who must adhere to stringent data management regulations while organically accumulating large volumes of PII and PCI data 

On Thursday 16 January, Automated Intelligence will host a webinar outlining how we can help you bring structure and compliance to your organisation’s unstructured data, minimise the risk it might contain and highlight the business value within it.  

During the session we will showcase our innovative data management platform, AI.DATALIFT; as a cloud-based solution to your unstructured data query.  

By using AI.DATALIFT you can reduce the risk associated with raw information spread across uncontrolled environments such as an employee’s device, legacy file shares, SharePoint or emailsThrough a single dashboard view, you will be able to identify Key Risk Indicators such as unsecured files containing personal data pertaining to customers, apply appropriate governance policies across them and mitigate any potential violation of the various regulations, whether that be the GDPR, PCI DSS Compliance, SYSor the CCPA 

Like loose change scattered across bedside cabinets and coffee tables, customers like to bring a sense of structure to their finances by holding their money in banks. Likewise, organisations seek to bring structure to their masses of unstructured data and can do so with AI.DATALIFT 

For further information on unstructured data, and to find out more about how Automated Intelligence can assist, join our specialist data management team during the “Shining a light on Unstructured Data” webinar between 10-11am on 16 January 2020 using the form below.