Published: 30 November 2022

Reading time: About 2 minutes

National Computer Security Day is a key day in the IT calendar, taking place on 30th November. The day helps raise awareness about computer security whilst also educating people to understand how they can enhance their online security measures and become safer online.

Automated Intelligence is proud to support the national day and to highlight the importance of computer security in our organisation. We caught up with AI’s Security and Operations Manager, Colin Flack, to discuss.

“National Computer Security Day serves as an important reminder to everyone to ensure that your devices and the data you have stored in the cloud are well secured. We have seen an exponential rise in data volume, and this sometimes brings unwanted attention if the data is not secure. There are many ways to enhance your online safety, some key measures are: update your anti-virus, make strong passwords, don’t reuse them, and always use MFA.

At Automated Intelligence, we understand the importance of computer security and we have various measures in place to keep our customer’s data safe. These range from implementing data policy frameworks and certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus which ensures we have appropriate defenses in place to reduce the likelihood of breaches occurring. Additionally, we have PCI DSS accreditation on our AI.DATALIFT service to ensure any potential cardholder data remains secure.”