Published: 8 March 2022

Reading time: About 6 minutes

Automated Intelligence is delighted to celebrate International Women’s Day today, Tuesday 8th March. International Women’s Day is a global day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year’s theme focuses on ‘breaking the bias,’ which looks at how we can work towards a world free of stereotypes and discrimination that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.  

At Automated Intelligence, we’re thrilled to support achievements within our female workforce not just today, but every day. We have a range of roles that are led by women within the organisation ranging from COO, Head of Engineering, Head of Customer Success, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Owner and that’s something we’re proud of.  

One of International Women’s Day’s missions is to celebrate digital innovation advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology. As a software company, we feel we’re leading the way to achieve and deliver on this mission. In the first of a two part series blog, we chat to some of AI’s lead roles within the business to find out a little more on their chosen career paths and how they think the role of women within the technology and software industry has progressed. Take a look at our short interviews from Pauline and Chelsea below. 

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Pauline Timoney, COO 

What’s your role in Automated Intelligence? 

I’m the COO in Automated Intelligence, responsible for the operational effectiveness of the business.  It is a varied role where I aim to guide and coordinate the implementation of the strategic goals of the company to drive extensive and sustainable growth. The people and the culture are my priorities and I advocate strongly for our values of care, quality and innovation in everything we do. 

How did you start your role in AI and have progressed? Why did you want to work in IT / software industry? 

I joined AI over 11 years ago as the QA manager, tasked with setting up the QA function within the engineering team, having previously worked with Simon our CEO, in Meridio/Autonomy. The culture Simon cultivated at AI allowed me to grow rapidly in my role, to build a fantastic, quality focused team of engineers building solutions for our customer problems using cutting edge technology. I soon realised a passion for leadership with a focus on people, culture and process improvement. I later transitioned into operations and applied my lean engineering background to the wider operations of the business. I love how principles born in engineering can be applied to other business functions to streamline processes, improve customer interactions and their ultimate success and to drive down operational costs effectively. My background in engineering helps me creatively problem solve, and I must admit I default to using technology to solve a lot of problems. You can take the girl out of engineering… 😀 

Do you think there’s more of a drive for women to work in IT roles today? Why? 

Yes, there is more of a drive for women to work in IT, why? Because we’ve realised we can. Which is sad to admit and is true for all stem subjects and roles. Most people now realise and accept the importance of diversity in effective, productive teamworking. The work needed to be put in at the grassroots, young girls need to see themselves represented in all kinds of roles and to not feel limited by their gender. It’s been a slow process, but I’m confident that the next generation will be much less limited and I’m grateful that my own children are part of a generation where they will not even question if they can work in a particular job because of their gender.   

Would you encourage women to join the industry or a similar role? 

Whole heartedly. I love my job and I have loved every role I have worked in. There is such a variety of roles in IT, requiring different skills. I’d almost go as far as to say there is a place for anyone who wants to try it. The job of a software engineering for example is vastly different to that of a service delivery engineer or support engineer and even within each role the responsibilities can vary drastically from company to company, so the possibilities seem endless in the industry. 

Why you like working in AI? 

I love the people and the culture at AI. I feel privileged to work with some of the best technical problem solvers in the industry. Each Christmas we hold the AI awards and we ask everyone to nominate people who live the AI values (care, quality and innovation) by submitting examples of how they exhibit the values in their daily working interactions. Each year we are blown away by the stories and how easily we can identify these values in the people we work with. I think it’s a real testament to how strong the culture is, and has always been, under Simon’s leadership. 


Chelsea McMullan, Product Owner 

What’s your role in Automated Intelligence? 

Product Owner 

How did you start your role in AI and have progressed? Why did you want to work in IT / software industry? 

I started AI back in July 2014 as a placement student. I spent my entire placement year within the QA team, I learnt a lot that year and had great support and guidance throughout. I knew I had always wanted to work in IT and had a keen interest at an early age, I just wasn’t sure in what area. The placement year helped me decide that I wanted to continue working within a QA team once I graduated. 

I was offered a graduate job within AI and in July 2016 I re-joined as a graduate QA Engineer, a year later becoming a QA Engineer and in 2019 becoming a Senior Quality Analyst. In January of this year, I progressed into the Product Owner role. 

Do you think there’s more of a drive for women to work in IT roles today? Why? 

I think there is an increased drive for women to work IT, there are many more women taking up leadership roles which is a great encouragement to those in more junior roles. University courses are also now covering a wider number of topics that are more industry focused, this helps greatly when deciding what area to focus on. 

Would you encourage women to join the industry or a similar role? 

Definitely! There are so many different IT roles out there in many different areas there is something for everyone. I have friends who have changed careers to move into the IT sector, it’s never too late to take it up. 

Why do you like working in Automated Intelligence? 

AI is great place to work, I get to work with highly skilled individuals daily who I learn a lot from. The management is great and are always encouraging personal development and giving guidance and the opportunity to progress in your own role.