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26 Apr 2018

Pen testing: AI.DATALIFT, secure by design.


The term hacker might have negative connotations, but ‘ethical hacking’ is on the rise. Pen testing, short for penetration testing, is the practice of testing out software, a system or applications to probe for any potential security vulnerabilities. In this post, our Chief Technology Officer, Simon Cole, discusses the importance of “white hat hacking” to Automated Intelligence…

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23 Apr 2018

Save the Data: AI talks about Cloud Security at Global Azure Bootcamp 2018


The Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 in Belfast was part of a worldwide meetup for experts in Microsoft Azure technology. With 284 events taking part across the world, from Australia to Brazil and everywhere in between, it was a fantastic opportunity for specialists and beginners to come together to learn more about Azure. Automated Intelligence was there to demonstrate our expertise in Azure cloud management.

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