Published: 12 November 2019

Reading time: About 2 minutes

In summer 2019 Microsoft Gold Partners, Automated Intelligence (AI) and risual announced a new strategic partnership. Since then, the two organisations have been working together on joint opportunities, offering an enhanced proposition for data management and digital transformation.

In this blog Automated Intelligence’s Partner Solutions Specialist, Eamon O’Connor, outlines how the strategic alignment was formed and how we will work together.

“For the past few years Automated Intelligence has had a relationship with risual. AI traditionally came from an Information Management background and had, amongst other solutions, specific products that enhanced Microsoft SharePoint. risual work extensively with SharePoint and Office 365 across its client base, therefore a connection was there from the outset.

In 2019 we forged a much more strategic partnership. We are both heavily vested in ensuring our clients are successful with their digital, business and cloud transformation journeys. As both our organisations, solutions and service offerings have evolved, we have demonstrated how working in partnership together can help clients rapidly achieve their goals.

Automated Intelligence and risual recognise that for digital transformation or cloud migration projects to be successful, ‘data readiness’ is crucial. But what does this really mean for our customers?

For AI and risual, this includes important factors such as an organisation understanding the data it holds and ensuring data has been cleansed, removing any zero-value information. Performing an in-depth analysis of data can uncover and eliminate potential risks within it, such as storing personally identifiable (PII) data without the appropriate consent or purpose.

This paves the way for high quality, relevant data to be identified, classified and migrated to the cloud, allowing clients to gain more value from it.

What we’re also seeing is that in order to successfully leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Power BI, a cleansed, more accurate data set can provide a significant competitive advantage for clients.

risual are experts in helping organisations adopt these technologies and modern cloud platforms, with over 15 years of experience in successful transformations. We are now starting to see real traction as a partnership and we’re already working on several opportunities together.

The future is looking bright and there is a real synergy between our organisations with a common goal of ensuring our clients are data-driven.

We look forward to cementing this relationship in the months ahead.”