Published: 27 November 2019

Reading time: About 3 minutes

We’ve previously introduced our new relationship between Microsoft Partners risual and Automated Intelligence (AI). In the blog we looked at how the alliance was formed and how we will be working together in the months ahead.  

In this second part of our Partner Perspective, Automated Intelligence’s Partner Solutions Specialist, Eamon O’Connor, looks at what the partnership means for our clients and how they will benefit from our joint solutions and services.  

“As more organisations move to the cloud, understanding the data they store and process across multiple IT systems is key to successful digital, cloud or business transformation. At Automated Intelligence we empower organisations to take control of their data so they can ultimately take control of their future. 

Having worked closely with risual over the past few months, we are seeing that their clients are facing similar data-related challenges as ours – particularly if they are looking to take advantage of their investments into Office 365 and other cloud platforms. 

A common challenge we see is making sense of the current data landscape. For example, take an organisation which has a lot of data on file servers and network drivesMuch of this data won’t have been accessed in years, won’t be relevant anymore, or is simply unknown.  

Organisational data is growing exponentially, and businesses don’t know how much of their information they need to retain, or what is going to be of value when they move to Office 365. It is not being analysed. 

One of the first steps to shaping the modern workplace and leveraging capabilities such as Teams and SharePoint Online successfully is to understand your current data estate, then have the ability to use the insights gained to model an optimal way of working in the future. 

Our data management platform, coupled with risual’s expertise in defining the information architecture, delivery and adoption of modern cloud platforms, is where we are seeing real traction, offering a unique proposition to our clients. 

AI can help overcome specific data challenges and combining risual’s experience and service-led approach to optimising digital, business and cloud transformational projects is why we are excited about our partnership. 

However, it is not all about simply moving our clients to these platforms; it is about what happens next. Change management, business adoption, ROI targets and other success factors must be understood when embarking on transformational projects. AI’s and risual’s joint offerings can help clients achieve rapid success here. 

As a partnership, we want to ensure our clients continue to get value from our solutions and can harness the capability they have invested into. 

We want to scale that out and grow for the mutual benefit of our clients.”