Covid-19 has accelerated the need for public sector organisations to move to the Cloud.  

Access to the right information and people when working remotely is essential.  But what is the best way to achieve this? 

Move all the current information to the new Cloud platform with immediate access to the data? Oprepare the data and the Cloud environment first? 

We teamed up with local government consultancy specialists, LG Improveto host a webinar Rock or Sand? What’s your SharePoint Foundation.” 

Over the session, we discussed the pros and cons of a ‘lift and shift migration versusmigrating clean data into a well– structured SharePoint Information Architecture. 

Listen back as we hear from guest speakers from Bracknell Forest Council, Limerick City & County Council, and Somerset West & Taunton who demonstrated the challenges, outcomes and benefits of their recent programmes of moving to the Microsoft Cloud. 


In this webinar, Automated Intelligence CEO Simon Cole debates why organisations need to take control of their data before migrationWe find that, typically, when somebody anticipates going back and cleansing the data once they are in the new word, they never do. Challenges and the priorities of the organisation take overNot only do you continue the risk that existed previously, you actually increase the risk.” 

LG Improve’s Michele Noad discusses the need to plan the SharePoint environment in advance: “To be able to provide quick results and improve service delivery, we need our information to be structured. As Records Managers and governance specialists, it’s our job to make sure employees are trained and well-versed on legislation but if compliance is embedded within the system, employees know that just by storing the information in the right area, that they are compliant. 

Jacqui Hayes, Records Manager at Limerick City and County Councildetails the reasons behind the organisation’s EDRMS programme: “We wanted to ensure we got information out of desktops and user drives to where it can be sharedwe wanted to become a lot more streamlined and efficientand we wanted to gain control over the preservation of electronic records, as well as paper records.” 

Andy Trotter, Project Manager at Bracknell Foresttalks about why users need to play a part in the design of the SharePoint EDRMSWe brought the teams along the journey. We wanted to make sure they were comfortable with what they were going to see and use. If you alienate people, they don’t join you.” 


Listen to the webinar now using the link below. 

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