Potential loss of data, infrastructure and platform/bandwidth capacity issues, business as usual being affected or timings and budget constraints.

These are just some of the perceived issues organisations face when wanting to retire their legacy infrastructure and move to a new Cloud platform.

Often the easy choice is to retain the legacy platforms rather than retire them. But there are many reasons why this approach can be detrimental to your organisation. The systems are usually out of date, they may no longer have support and/or maintenance, their costs are eye-watering, or they’re hindering real innovation.

In our roundtable “Retire or Retain: Unpicking the blockers of coming off legacy systems” we demystified some of the perceived challenges of decommissioning legacy platforms.

We heard from Nikki Sandu, ICT Project Leader, at Aberdeenshire Council, and Automated Intelligence’s David Corkill about the best ways to overcome difficulties to ensure a successful migration program.

Here’s a sneak preview of our informative roundtable discussion.

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