The closure period for sending records to The National Archives was reduced from 30 years to 20 years, and organisations are nearly at the end of the transition period.

Many Government departments are recognising the difficulty of capturing and appraising digital documents for transfer due to the new approaches to handling electronic data.

Listen back to our roundtable, during which we covered what the digital challenge means for organisations, and how they can get the historical data under control, once and for all.

Hear from David Canning, Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management at The Cabinet Office and Aaron Prior, Microsoft Industry Executive for Central Government, as well as our CEO, Simon Cole, as they discuss:

– From paper to digital: Challenges Information Managers now face

– Accessing and preparing digital information from across the entire data estate

– Getting processes and controls in place to manage the information for future

– Growing confidence in the data being transferred to The National Archives

If you’re working in records management and are facing, or will face these challenges, play back this informative roundtable session.

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