AI.DATALIFT is a unique cloud-hosted, secure platform that enables organisations to catalogue valuable information assets, provide full discovery, categorisation, retention and defensible disposition to effectively remediate risk and help protect data across file shares and legacy on-premise EDRMS platforms.

With powerful intuitive dashboards driven by advanced indexing and search against metadata and content, AI.DATALIFT provides visibility of business value, and risk, throughout the information management lifecycle.

AI.DATALIFT leverages the latest innovations in data management technology which enables organisations to organise, consolidate, migrate and ultimately transform their data holdings.

The analytics and migration platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Discovery, Analysis & Insights– A real-time interactive dashboard that surfaces metrics across your data by analysing metadata and content
  • Data cleanse and remediate – Categorisation of duplicate, redundant, obsolete, and trivial data to report, and action across the business
  • Migration planning and delivery – Visibility of security and sensitive information from your clean data estate provides a platform for migration planning and delivery


Here’s why you can trust AI.DATALIFT

We know the importance of security and managing data privacy. The online safety of our customers and team is paramount and this is demonstrated in our ongoing commitment to information security and quality management. We are ISO 27001 AND 9001 accreditated and we apply various policies and procedures that range from data policy frameworks and certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus. Having these policies and procedures allows us to reduce the likelihood of breaches and remain compliant with regulation. Additionally, we have PCI (Payment Card Information) DSS accreditation on our AI.DATALIFT service to ensure any potential cardholder data remains secure.  


AI.DATALIFT offers a range of innovative features including:

  • Duplicate detection - Typically 10% of information volume, across all scanned data sources with metadata tagging for identification of original versions
  • Data categorisation - Enabling the business to understand and apply context to create a data catalogue of information assets to be mapped against processes
  • Policy actions - Enabling a rules based approach for transferring or deleting content, with approval process and end-to-end auditing, for defensible disposition
  • Pattern matching - Identifying commercially and personally sensitive information based on OOTB and custom patterns to enhance the categorisation process
  • Security access discovery - Visibility of the access levels to ensure high-risk and confidential information is protected appropriately
  • Detected embedded information - i.e. spreadsheets in emails, documents & presentations, ensuring no risk or value is hidden from discovery and search
  • Image to text - Analysing digitalised content containing handwriting and images with cloud-based machine learning models to support full discovery of risk
  • Delta analysis - Ongoing analysis of changing data estate providing visibility of legal and regulatory compliance for timely reporting across the business
  • Excel link fixing - Ensuring continuity of work and accuracy within departments and teams reliant on linked Excel files
  • Cloud migration staging - Staging area with secure cloud enabling fast migration to new platforms while minimising impact to business during migration go-live
  • Pre migration issue report - Visibility of the common issues encountered as part of migration projects to support pre & post action and product configuration

Benefits of AI.DATALIFT


Identification of over-retained data


Identification of data not under governance


Identification of personal data


Remediation of zero value content


Automatic application of data retention and disposition policies


Automatic classification of data against your Information Governance

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