Published: 10 October 2018

Reading time: About 2 minutes

A UK Health Trust has selected Automated Intelligence (AI) to transition from a paper-based records management system to Microsoft SharePoint. 

The Trust needed to digitise its physical records and to develop a fuller understanding of the information that it held. It previously relied significantly on paper-based processes, which were rapidly becoming very outdated and time-consuming to manage.  

By migrating to a SharePoint system, enhanced with our compliance and productivity toolset, the Trust will introduce a new means of filing, processing, managing and searching for its records.  

The Trust also employed an Automated Intelligence healthcare extension which allows the rapid review of multiple related records in a single action, significantly reducing the effort to review lengthy historical records. 

Simon Cole, CEO of Automated Intelligence said, “Legacy paper-based record systems are increasingly holding organisations back, with rising internal costs and reducing productivity.  

“With the new GDPR requirements and a responsibility to use IT as part of the programme for government, our data transformation capabilities allow our customers to meet their strategic drivers including paperless operations and better data governance. 

In this case, the trust now has full confidence in managing its legacy data alongside its current data. This not only provides a better, more efficient working environment, but also allows it to plan for the future”. 

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