Published: 6 June 2019

Reading time: About 2 minutes

A leading NHS Foundation Trust will undertake a data cleansing program with Automated Intelligence.

The Trust has 60TB of fileshare data housed in a Storage Area Network (SAN) which is approaching capacity.

A decision was made not to add more storage to this facility, so an alternative solution was required.

Previous analysis of data pointed to the existence of high levels of duplicates, redundant, obsolete and trivial data (DROT) – perhaps up to 70% of the corpus of data.

To alleviate the immediate pressure on the SAN, there is a requirement to perform a remediation of data with minimal impact to the business.

Automated Intelligence will undertake a remediation project to resolve this problem within a three-month period.

  • This will entail using AI.DATALIFT to perform a metadata analysis in which DROT data will be identified.
  • This data will be subsequently moved from the SAN to Microsoft Azure storage, with a recovery option for a set period, prior to final disposal.
  • The removal from the SAN of an estimated minimum of 12TB data can be triggered immediately after classification to reduce capacity issues straight away.

CEO of Automated Intelligence, Simon Cole, said, “We’re delighted that this NHS Foundation Trust will be able to begin releasing valuable storage space within one week of the initial AI.DATALIFT analysis crawl. The organisation is already engaging with AI to look at further use cases for AI.DATALIFT to meet its information governance requirements.”

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