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When: Wednesday 21st July, 11am-12.00pm

Note: This is an archive event and now has passsed.

We don’t need to tell you the benefits of cloud-based IT for the public sector. We’re sure you’re all too aware. And undoubtedly, Cloud Migration is already in your strategic roadmap in order to better serve your citizens through greater efficiency and agility.

But, what if you could approach Cloud Migration in a different way?

One that resulted in enhanced risk reduction, increased employee productivity and bigger cost savings?

In the second event in our Government Summer Series, “Revealed: The three-stage Cloud Migration approach delivering better public value” on Wednesday 21st July at 11am, we’ll be revealing our step-by-step Migration approach which is taking the Public Sector by storm.

Sign up to hear what’s involved within each of our steps, 1) Insights, 2) Preparation and 3) Migration.

Now it’s time to:

  • understand your data and its risk exposure
  • improve data quality and governance
  • enhance the user experience in the Cloud
  • and expediate your service delivery to your citizens.

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Published on: 15 June 2021