Published: 24 January 2018

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Content Migration Project

Automated Intelligence supported the Department for Education through a rapid change programme ensuring retention and availability of its organisational knowledge.

Summarising the success of the overall content migration project, Phil Lomax, Data Migration Manager, Strategy & Architecture Group said:

“The Automated Intelligence tools were used by the Department for Education to migrate data and email from six organisations with disparate systems into SharePoint and Exchange – some 1,200 users, 5 million emails, and 4 million documents. Once configured the performance of the tools was flawless. The AI.ANALYTICS tool was used to validate the quality of the data before migration. The AI.DATAPOINT tool was used to transfer data incrementally. Not a single item was lost in the migration.”

“We knew we could rely on the support of AI’s expertise since their consultants constantly monitored the process remotely to ensure the integrity of the data transfer. Traditional bespoke or manual processes would have failed to deliver this migration on time but due to the flexibility and speed of AI.DATAPOINT we were able to complete the work within the timescales and allocated budget.”

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