Published: 15 March 2018

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Information Governance and Records Management

Cardiff Council supports organisational change with Microsoft SharePoint and tools from Automated Intelligence in an Information Management Project. The aim is to improve and maintain standards of service delivery in the face of reducing resources for local government.

The Challenge

Cardiff Council is the governing body for Cardiff, the capital City of Wales. In 2013, the Council had to deliver over £50 million of savings and continues to face significant reductions in their budget year on year. In order to meet these targets they needed to implement improvement projects in different areas of the business, one of which being the management of their information, a key asset in the organisation.

Initially, the Council had a basic framework for information management with limited formalised structures, processes or technology in place. The existing arrangements did not support the Council’s vision to become more cost-effective and efficient in the running of its business operations. The challenge for Cardiff was to introduce a formal corporate solution for managing its information to support their ambitious Organisational Development Programme.

To find out how Cardiff Council achieved their goal of becoming more cost-effective and efficient in their business operations, download the full Case Study below: