Published: 31 May 2016

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Automated Intelligence has announced a deal with a British multinational corporate law firm to employ its SharePoint email integration software.

The legal consulting and solutions provider has introduced the tool in order to seamlessly integrate Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook.

Automated Intelligence’s AI.SYNCPOINT will allow users to work within the Outlook environment they are used to, while easily storing important information within its SharePoint platform designed to meet the strict internal information policies that need to be upheld.

The software will aid the firm in increasing its tracking and auditability of information. It will also introduce a system which allows users to save time when searching for client cases. This will ultimately lead to increased time efficiency, with the ability for these savings to be passed on to the customer.

Mark Godfrey, CEO of Automated Intelligence, said;

“Through investing in a system which encourages user adoption of its SharePoint platform, as well as ensuring the compliance of information is upheld within the Outlook environment, the company and its clients will reap the benefit of increased efficiency and cost reduction.

With many organisations in the commercial space working tirelessly to avoid breaches in compliance of information, it is increasingly evident that a simple but powerful solution such as a SharePoint email integration can gain the buy-in required for successful software implementation.”

While the law firm will use the software internally in its own legal department, it will also be reselling the Automated Intelligence tool as part of its legal consultancy services.

For more information on how SharePoint email integration tool AI.SYNCPOINT can benefit your organisation, please contact