Published: 23 April 2020

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Microsoft partner Automated Intelligence has been awarded the contract to migrate council authority Somerset West and Taunton Council to Microsoft Office 365. This comes as the Council embarks on a digital transformation journey to reap the benefits of working from the Cloud.

The migration project will see the Council implement SharePoint Online as an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) platform, which allows the Council to better manage its data and apply suitable compliance measures Somerset West and Taunton Council holds approximately 5 Terabytes of data on its current data management system. This includes raw information spread across environments such as employee devices or emails.

Automated Intelligence will deploy its powerful RegTech platform, AI.DATALIFT, to analyse the Council’s current data estate and apply governance and compliance policies before migration to the Cloud.

The project will also deliver on the Council’s commitment to incorporate new technologies as part of its 4-year corporate strategy. Working from the Cloud enhances user efficiency and ensures the Council’s data is appropriately categorised and securely managed, reflecting the strategic objectives of the organisation.
Simon Cole, CEO at Automated Intelligence, comments, “We are delighted to be working with Somerset West and Taunton Council. AI.DATALIFT provides a comprehensive analysis of the Council’s data, which in turn offers a clear insight into the usefulness of the information it holds.

“Through this understanding, the Council is taking the proactive step to protect its data and reduce risks. Subsequently, we will be able to plan and execute the Council’s high-quality data migration to Microsoft Online 365 in a protected and controlled way.”

Dawn Adey, Director of Internal Operations at SWT, said “The data we hold is a vitally important asset that provides business intelligence, which in turn enables us to make better decisions for our communities and citizens. This project is a key milestone in our innovative approach to information management which forms part of our ongoing commitment to change the way we work and modernise our processes, making SWT fit for the future.”