Published: 13 July 2021

Reading time: About 3 minutes

Automated Intelligence has been onboarded on to the Police Digital Service (PDS) Digital Transformation Framework.

The move means that UK police forces can now access Automated Intelligence’s data management services, such as Cloud migration and data analysis and compliance solutions, without the need for extended and costly procurement exercises.

Our platform AI.DATALIFT helps police forces to take control of their unstructured data to enable them to align with the National Policing Digital Strategy. Examples include:

  • INSIGHTS: Forces are holding vast amounts of legacy data across a variety of unstructured systems but there is minimal insight into this data. The systems may contain sensitive corporate or operational (crime) information which should be stored within a dedicated digital records platform. AI.DATALIFT allows forces to identify these files through metadata, security and content analysis.
  • GOVERNANCE: Forces are also keen to implement MoPI retention across their unstructured data sources but efficiently identifying and classifying the data without significant manual input has been a challenge. AI.DATALIFT can classify these files based on whether they contain indicators of a specific offence.
  • RETENTION: AI.DATALIFT provides awareness of where data is being over or under retained (e.g. accidental deletions) by interpreting how the file metadata aligns with relevant legislation.

Martin Cole, Public Sector Key Account Manager at Automated Intelligence, said, “We’re pleased that this news means that we help police forces to transform how they manage information in a much quicker and more cost-effective route. Records retention within policing has been such a relevant topic in the media this year and with our solutions, managing information governance policies is simplified. We look forward to working with police forces to harness technology in line with the 2030 policing vision, as well as comply with key regulations such as MoPI and GDPR.”

David Bowen, PDS Operations Director said: “The Digital Transformation Framework provides UK policing with cost-effective, rapid and compliant access to a large supplier base and, most importantly, their technology solutions. It is designed to enable forces to procure digital transformation and managed services technology without the need for extended procurement exercises. We are pleased to have onboarded Automated Intelligence onto the framework, providing forces with additional choice and flexibility over the solutions they procure.”

For more information on how you can work with Automated Intelligence through the Police Digital Service Digital Transformation Framework, email the Police Digital Service commercial team on