Published: 13 August 2018

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Microsoft has named AI as a globally endorsed GDPR qualified partner. This announcement demonstrates both Microsoft’s validation and support of AI’s GDPR compliance solutions as leaders in their field.

AI’s solutions, AI.DATALIFT built on Microsoft Azure, and AI.SYNCPOINT+, a solution for the Microsoft Office 365 suite, help organisations take control of, and remediate, their data, as well as automate PII discovery for managing Subject Access Requests.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with major organisations across public and private sectors including a UK retail bank, a large supermarket chain and a research and innovation body to ensure they were prepared for the new European regulation.

This endorsement means that AI will now be referred by Microsoft to organisations, and we will work alongside Microsoft to deliver GDPR cloud-based solutions.

Partner Manager at Automated Intelligence, David Coombs, said,

“Many organisations understand the legal requirement of GDPR but need an effective solution to ensure their enterprise data is compliant. This endorsement validates our position as a leading GDPR solution and a go-to supplier for Microsoft.”

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