Published: 24 January 2018

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Content Migration Project

Automated Intelligence enable Amnesty International to benefit from reduced costs by migrating documents to the Microsoft Cloud.

Major non-governmental organisation Amnesty International partnered with SharePoint and Information management specialists Automated Intelligence (AI) to successfully deliver a data migration project. Amnesty International selected SharePoint 2013, hosted on Azure Infrastructure Services  to replace Alfresco CM for both internal and external document management as part of a charity wide intranet and website implementation project.

In addition to reducing costs by decommissioning the legacy system, the organisation is benefitting from the reduction in cost of infrastructure maintenance, through the use of Azure Infrastructure Services. Using a tool from AI called AI.DATAPOINT, all relevant content was mapped and migrated from Alfresco to SharePoint 2013 enabling the successful go-live within project timelines and with no impact on the integrity of the data or the ability of the users to access the documentation.

John Gillespie, CIO for Amnesty International comments on the project “Data migration is one of the most uncertain parts of any project, and in this case we had neither staff who really knew the system nor much documentation. AI got the data out, the metadata updated and the documents imported into SharePoint with hardly a hitch”

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