Published: 26 September 2019

Reading time: About 3 minutes

Today is the 3rd day of our Future Decoded series, looking at the key themes of this year’s event and what this means for Automated Intelligence.

In this blog, we’re looking at how technology can transform business outcomes and how our solutions can revolutionise experiences for our customers.

“Our strapline for Automated Intelligence is “empowering organisations to take control of their data so they can take control of their future”. This is, in essence, transforming business outcomes.

Any organisation starting a forward-looking digital transformation wants to know, and needs to know, that they are going to be in a better place because of it.

From the very outset of an engagement with Automated Intelligence, we provide insight into where the customer is today. Only when you understand where you are today and the history of how you got there can you look forward and plan what future success will look like.

Once a company has this insight, they can then ask: Where do we want to go? What’s the route that gets us there? And what are the benefits of doing that?

We map out that journey so they can know with a high level of confidence that the business outcomes are exactly what they wanted to achieve, and when and how they are going to achieve it.

A common challenge for organisations undergoing a data transformation programme is knowing what they want to achieve, but failing to realise it.

And there are a number of reasons for this which are often caused by a lack of insight into what their data estate is at the outset, and no tangible ability to project that forward.

Our solutions guarantee desired business outcomes as customers look to revolutionise what they’re doing for their employees and their customers. These desired outcomes include:

  • better governed data
  • reduced risk
  • compliance with relevant legislation
  • cleaner data
  • reduced storage
  • better collaboration
  • improved productivity
  • migration to the cloud

And, of course, there are not just set outcomes- we uncover things about the customer they didn’t even know, which results in customer benefits that were unforeseen at the outset.

One of these is identifying risk– uncovering risks along the way and being able to react in real-time to reduce them.  It may not have been one of the initial desires, but without a shadow of a doubt is a key outcome of any project.

We revolutionise the experience for our customers because we can transform how their business operates.  And that’s the outcome of any forward-thinking data programme.”