Published: 9 September 2020

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At Automated Intelligence, our vision statement is “empowering organisations to take control of their data, so they can take control of their future”.

But, what does this mean to your organisation?

The very term “taking control” implies something is out of control – unmanageable and disorderly. And for many organisations, that’s exactly how they would describe the current state of their information. They don’t know where or how to begin addressing the large volumes of data currently hosted on legacy file shares, disparate repositories and personal drives.

When we reference the future, we are referring to the wealth of benefits that the cloud can bring to an organisation; cost savings, risk reduction and not to mention increased employee productivity.

Together this means that a successful cloud migration and the benefits of it can only be achieved when the aforementioned data challenges have been overcome.

  • Understanding what data you have
  • Preparing your data and cloud environment
  • Moving your people and your data online

In a nutshell, organisations need to understand the data they hold- where it is stored, what value it offers, who owns it, and does it put them at risk? With that information, decisions can be made regarding data cleansing, archiving and the application of governance and compliance policies over the top of it.

This in-depth understanding of how your business is acquiring, using, storing, and consuming data will feed into your Data Management and Governance Strategy which will guide file plan structures and order of migration planning.

Finally, after all the hard work has been completed – remediation, application of retention and disposal policies, as well as identification of personal and sensitive data, to name a few – an organisation can embark on migrating both its people and its data to the cloud. This is all while ensuring business as usual, mitigating risk, enhancing data quality, automating data governance and increasing user productivity as a result of this intelligently-driven migration strategy.

To see how our data management and migration solution, AI.DATALIFT, can enable your cloud migration journey, simply sign up for our Product Demonstration webinar entitled ‘Delivering an intelligent migration with AI.DATALIFT’ at 10 am on Wednesday 30th September below.

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