Published: 8 February 2021

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When we speak to organisations who are wanting, or indeed needing, to decommission their Meridio legacy document management system, they quite rightly ask us why they should select us.

The answer is very simple…our experience.

It’s not just because we have undertaken many Meridio migrations to the Cloud in the 10 years of Automated Intelligence’s existence.

But the fact that we have unrivalled inside knowledge.

How? Well as a team we have over 25 years’ experience working for Meridio, including our CEO, Simon Cole, who actually left Meridio to set up AI in 2010.

And there’s also our Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Services Director, Security and Operations Manager.

Yup, all former Meridio employees too.

And that’s just our Senior Leadership Team- there are lots more.

We’re not showing off here – what it means is that we understand how the system works and how its behaviours might result in challenges when migrating to a new system.

As a result, we have the knowledge of what to ask organisations to help form their strategy, there is less potential for risk, and we are able to perform migrations within a quicker timeframe.

Sounds like great reasons to select us.

Meridio Whitepaper

If you need to decommission your Meridio platform and want to find out more, download our new whitepaper “Migrating from Meridio to the Cloud.” In this you will learn about the possible difficulties organisations face during a Cloud migration and why without the inside Meridio knowledge, there’s a real risk of data loss, and business as usual would be affected. Download the whitepaper now using the form below.


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Meridio Casestudy

You can also read our case study on a Meridio to SharePoint project we undertook for a large UK ombudsman. This outlines the challenges the organisation faced and the successful outcomes of the full fidelity migration. Read it here now.

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  • For information on how we handle your data please read our privacy notice.