Published: 4 February 2020

Reading time: About 2 minutes

Automated Intelligence (AI) has won the contract to migrate a UK bank to Office 365 after it merged with a loans company.  

The deal was secured after a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) which demonstrated how the data could be analysedcategorised and securely migrated to the Cloud. 

As a result of the merger, there was a requirement to move both organisations and staff to a common working platform, which was agreed to be Microsoft Office 365 due to existing licences.  

The main concerns highlighted by the bank included a commitment to replicate the bank’s current onpremise security permissions and the maintenance of linked spreadsheets in which it expected to hold approximately 70,000 linked files. AI was able to successfully replicate the bank’s security permissions and maintain links within spreadsheets. It also identified that the bank actually holds over 150,000 linked files.

Through the PoCAI identified that the organisation is experiencing the following additional challenges: 

  • Data Classification: Data is not appropriately classified, categorised or managed. 
  • GDPR Exposure Risk: Over half of the data held contained Personal Identifiable Information (PII), increasing their risk of GDPR non-compliance.  
  • User Understanding: Staff using Office 365 had a limited experience working with the platform. 

As a solution, AI will perform data profiling to determine which data can be migrated or deleted based on its value to the bank. In addition to the PII risk identified, AI will continue to ensure any potential compliance risks are highlighted and addressed during the course of the project. 

The transition will be led by AI’s Professional Services team which has experience of managing complex migrations to the Cloud. The team will assist the bank’s employees to realise the full potential of the Office 365 platform to ensure an enriched user experience. 

Simon Cole, CEO of Automated Intelligence said, “This is a great opportunity for AI to work in partnership with this UK bank. The move to Office 365 will reduce the cost of running two infrastructures and licensing costs. Moving to a common platform will also allow all staff from both organisations to work and collaborate more effectively.