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When: 05 Nov 2019, 10.00am-11.00am

Note: This is an archive event and now has passsed.

Most organisations fail to truly understand exactly how much data they store.  

And with that comes issues around where the information is saved and what exactly it contains.  

That’s why certain data is often referred to as “dark data”. The unknown and untapped. 

It could be that silos of information have been caused by employees and therefore IT, Legal and Compliance teams are unaware they exist. 

Or it could be information which was received as part of a business acquisition, but was never fully analysed, indexed or classified to understand its content and the risk it poses. 

Clearly, if an organisation doesn’t know the data is there, then it cannot be used fruitfully for insights or data-driven business decisions.  

Gartner, therefore, defines dark data as the information organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes.” 

To many organisations, dark data seems daunting. It is often thought that it is difficult to access and analyse, and therefore, a complex and costly exercise to do so. 

It is perhaps, for this reason, it’s estimated that up to 90% of an organisation’s unstructured data is never explored. That’s a lot of organisations ‘in the dark’. 

There are many issues with not addressing the dark data problem, from governance/compliance risks, the cost of storing unnecessary data, storage space running out, and the fact organisations are failing to use their own corporate knowledge to their advantage. 

Dark data is hugely valuable but only if you begin to shine a light on it.  

To find out why dark data is rising, why organisations need to understand dark dataand what more can be done with an organisation’s information, sign up for our joint webinar, “Are you afraid of the dark? Shine a light on your valuable data” on Tuesday 5th November with risual


10.00-10.05 Welcome and Introduction risual
10.05-10.20 What’s lurking in your Dark Data?

  • What is dark data and why is it growing?
  • What are the risks with dark data?
  • Why do you need to control your dark data?
Paul Hudson, Automated Intelligence
 10.20-10.35   What can organisations do with dark data?

  • Why should cloud migration be on the agenda?
  • How do we ’shine a light’ on our valuable information?
  • How can we make our data useful?
 Richard Klieser, risual


Questions & Answers

  • Answering your dark data queries
 Automated Intelligence and risual
10.45-11.00  Optional Demo


Published on: 15 October 2019