Are you ready to decommission your legacy Meridio platform?

A legacy Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) can cause a vast amount of issues for organisations including lapses in support, security issues and expensive maintenance.  Organisations are now realising they need to move away from their current on-premise hosted infrastructure and embark on a Digital Transformation journey. AI.DATALIFT offers organisations a way to escape Meridio and other legacy platforms.

Overcoming the unique challenges of a Meridio Migration

Meridio is an Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) system developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Due to mainstream support options ending, organisations are understandably wanting to move away from the legacy platform. Migration requires in-depth understanding of the platform and the challenges it presents. These challenges include:

  • Problematic data silos
  • New systems unable to integrate
  • Poor information management capabilities
  • Instability and inflexibility
  • Loss of data and message context via conversion of RTF emails and attachments
  • Slow extraction performance and use of APIs 
  • Path constraints 
  • Maintaining versions 
  • Preparing users for change 

Read how, using AI.DATALIFT, we’ve helped a UK ombudsman move from their legacy Meridio platform to Microsoft 365.

Say goodbye to Meridio maintenance costs

Support for Meridio ended in February 2017 and not only it the platform leaving you open and vulnerable to security and compliance issues, it is also exposing you to colossal maintenance costs.

It is estimated that 60% – 80% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance of legacy technology.


IT Budget

Migrate from Meridio to the Cloud with Automated Intelligence

Are you ready for a move from Meridio to the Cloud? At Automated Intelligence, we have significant experience and expertise in migrating organisations from Meridio to Microsoft 365 / SharePoint. Customers include Cabinet Office, Invest NI, Home Office and Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Download our whitepaper or read our blog below to discover how AI.DATALIFT can enable you to overcome the challenges and find out more about some of the companies we've helped.


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Using AI.DATALIFT you can analyse existing data holdings, improve data quality and governance, reduce data costs and risk, and enable intelligent data migrations to modern cloud platforms. Contact us or read our blog for further information.

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  • For information on how we handle your data please read our privacy notice.